Current projects:

MILK 2020 is currently involved in these projects:

Hoof management Software by Milk2020

Completed projects:

Brian Vandoormal presentations from CDN

           56‐day Weight Gain Project

           Genomics Re‐Ranking and Performance Prediction Project

           Farm Management Decisions in the Era of Genomics

New Brunswick Genomic Project

Evaluation of Grain Corn Grown in New Brunswick Fed to Dairy Cattle
- Research initiated by Milk 2020 & Atlantic Dairy and Forage Institute

Researching Quality Livestock Bedding Products for NB Dairy Farmers
- Funding Organization: Embracing Agricultural Research and Innovation Program (EARI)

New Brunswick Dairy Bedding Manual

Comparison of Nutritional Quality of Local Corn to Imported Corn to Local High Moisture Kernel Corn to Snaplage Fed to Lactating Dairy Cows
- Funding Organizations: Embracing Agricultural Research and Innovation Program (EARI)

Promotion of New Brunswick Dairy Products
- Funding Organization: Agri-Food Market Development Program


Other project activities:



Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick

Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia

Dairy Farmers of PEI

Canadian Dairy Network (CDN)